Christmas - Important information

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This is what you need to know for your Christmas order

The good news: You can place your order right now.
In the checkout process, you can select the date of delivery that you want.*


Important dates

The last date for placing your orders:
Sunday 13th December 2020.

The last dispatch date:
16th December 2020 for all destinations.

When we receive orders with a requested delivery dates that falls into the week before Christmas (week starting on 21 December), we will change the dispatch date automatically to the 16 December. 

We cannot take responsibility for late or non-deliveries due to adverse weather conditions, so please arrange for a timely delivery.

Our smoked salmon, mackerel and trout products keep for at least three weeks after delivery. So there is no need to have it delivered on Christmas Day (which would not be possible anyway)!

* Best Days for your Delivery:
Please schedule a delivery on a Thursday instead of on a Friday in case there is a delivery problem.

We can never deliver on Mondays (or Mon & Tue for destinations that have a 48 hours delivery period, like for ex. USA), Saturdays nor on Sundays.


When and how can you order?

You can place your order right now and any time you want. We recommend to place your order early – ideally by the middle of November – to avoid disappointment.

It is best to order on our secure website. It saves time, and errors can be avoided which might occur when taking orders over the phone or by email. During the checkout process on the website, all the information will be entered so there won't be any need for us to contact you to ask for additional details.


How to order online

It is easy to place an order on our secure website. First, select the products you want to buy. Then click on the shopping trolley symbol on the top right-hand corner of the page and fill in all the details in the checkout process. More detailed instructions


Wild Salmon

Also, for the Wild Smoked Salmon, there is only a limited quantity available. It will sell very fast, so you better get your order in right now!
We have some whole, unsliced fillets of wild salmon left, but as the weights vary between 614 and 770g, you will not be able to order them through our website. Please send us an email ([email protected]) or contact us by phone (+353 65 7074432 between 9am and 5pm GMT).

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Save money with the Salmon Buying Club

If you want to know how to save money on your Christmas order, please click here to learn more about our Salmon Buying Club!
Another tip for placing your Salmon Buying Club order:
If you already placed an order on our website at the end of last year, chances are that you are entitled to a discount for your next order, once last year's order exceeded the minimum amount of €299 for smoked fish products (Bronze membership).
But that entitlement is only valid for 365 days from the date of your last order, so please make sure you order within less than 365 days from the date of your last order to be on the safe side.


FAQ - Your questions and all the Answers

Click here to access all the information that you were wondering about! We have assembled a lot of questions and given the answers.
One important question of course is "How long does the salmon keep once it's delivered?" The answer is 25 days, unopened pack, in the fridge.


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Freight costs

Calculating the shipment costs is fairly easy once you know that they are determined by two things: the destination country and the weight. The website will calculate it for you at the checkout.

You can calculate them yourself beforehand - just have a look at the table below (which you can also download following the link below in the Download section).

Download our catalogue and order form

Click here to download our catalogue as well as the order form and the table with the shipping costs shown below.

Freight costs Burren Smokehouse