Virtual Team Building - Taste the Burren!

Virtual zoom lunch and talkWorking from home is a new reality for many office teams. This new reality means we won't meet anymore at the coffee machine and have a chat. One negative side effect can be the feeling of isolation, and it is certainly making being or building a team much more difficult.

One solution is to have Team Lunches and other virtual events!

We are proposing delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare lunches or dinners - click here to discover them. No cooking involved, just a little bit of baking beforehand in some cases - ideal for a quick lunch set-up with colleagues!

Feel free to put together your own meal options from what we offer on our website. We can help you with suggestions. We will then ship the meals to each team member by DPD inside the isle of Ireland, or by UPS for destinations further afield.

Virtual zoom lunch and talk

Another option is to have a Virtual Talk & Tasting for your team. We send out the meal package as requested, and organise a "talk while tasting" with the owner-manager of the Burren Smokehouse, Birgitta Hedin-Curtin herself.

Contact [email protected] to get more details and organise your next virtual team lunch!

Virtual lunch options from Burren Smokehouse