Book "Burren Dinners" by Trevis L. Gleason

Book "Burren Dinners" by Trevis L. Gleason

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Chef Trevis L Gleason and Birgitta Hedin Curtin, the owner-manager of the Burren Smokehouse, had the idea for this cookbook, aptly named "Burren Dinners", when they met for the Burren Slow Food Festival and talked about his previous book "Dingle Dinners". It highlights the food that chefs, food producers and other people from the Burren area in County Clare cook when they have family and friends around for dinner.

Famous chef Neven Maguire from MacNean House & Restaurant in Blacklion wrote the foreword for this fine and beautiful book. Trevis' latest book highlights the very best of the Burren, from food and recipes to the people, producers and chefs from the area who make their local produce into something truly special. These seasonal recipes really help to bring the magic of this area to light.

Award-winning author and chef Trevis has asked the people of the Burren to share their favourite recipes. They were inevitably influenced by their rugged surroundings and the many delicious, local ingredients grown and produced in the Burren.

Explore recipes from mouth-watering favourites like mussels in a creamy wine sauce, grilled lobsters with lemon mayonnaise, a trio of steak sauce and smoked parsnip purée to Cheesecake. This book caters for many different preferences. It makes you want to try out the recipes and get a taste of this beautiful area from the creative, passionate and hard-working lovers of food that live there.

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