Our Loyalty Club

Here at the Burren Smokehouse, we value your custom and want to reward you for your loyalty. Along with our new website, a new rewards system came into effect. Here is how it works.

Create an account

Start by creating your personal customer account on our website, or if you are an existing customer, by logging in. This will make sure that the website can allocate Loyalty Points to you.

If you had Salmon Buying Club points on the old website, they will have been transferred to your account on this website.

Loyalty Points Burren Smokehouse

Earn Loyalty Points

Start earning Loyalty Points right away on all products you purchase.

For each Euro you spend, you will earn 1 Loyalty Point.

Loyalty Points Burren Smokehouse
Redeem Loyalty Points

You can redeem your Loyalty Points on all products once you have gathered 250 Points.

For orders of €1,200 or above, you will receive an instant discount of 15% - no need to have saved up Loyalty Points beforehand.

Look out for Bonus Loyalty Points on special products. Make sure you seize the opportunity right away as they will only be available for a limited time!

Loyalty Points Burren Smokehouse