The Burren & Lisdoonvarna

The Burren & Lisdoonvarna

Indulge in the freedom of exploring the plants and animals that make their home in the mystical, almost lunar limestone landscapes. Breathe in the refreshing clean air and watch the vista stretch out seemingly endlessly before you. Reaching the cliff’s edge, the rock drops away in dramatic sweeps, the cliffs falling away from you into the raw beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, home to our delicious salmon.

Globally Recognised Geology

The Burren & Cliffs of Moher are officially recognised as part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks scheme. This prestigious international programme signifies areas of outstanding geological formations across the world, distinctive and remarkable settings that shape the lives of all creatures living within them. Discover hidden caves, find rare flowers growing wild, or roam through the haunting ruins and archaeological sites.

Burren Smokehouse in Lisdoonvarna

From Spa To Slow Food

Lisdoonvarna is the best known of Ireland’s spa towns, with the spa being officially opened in 1845, although people had visited to take the waters long before then. Far from being its only feature, Lisdoonvarna is also a place renowned for its festivals. The September Matchmaking Festival is one of Europe’s largest festivals of romance and the Burren Slow Food Festival is focused instead on a love of great natural foods, produced with time and care.

Lisdoonvarna Burren Smokehouse
Taste the Atlantic - Salmon Experience Burren Smokehouse

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