Our Craft of Smoking

Organic Salmon

From Ireland's pure Atlantic water, sustainably sourced from responsible aquaculture, best quality available.

Pure Sea Salt

Just the right amount to make the product safer and tasty.

We give the salmon a few hours to dry so that it can absorb the smoke later.

Drying in the Kiln


We use real fire and real smoke which takes time and skill. Traditional method with patented unique kiln. Use of recycled materials like kindling from broken pallets and untreated natural oak shavings from wood workshops.


After smoking, the salmon stays in the chill for 24 hours to cure.

Find out more about our smoking process

We believe that smoking is a ancient craft and an art. We are smoking our Irish organic salmon, wild mackerel and rainbow trout the way it was done hundreds and even thousands of years ago. The only difference is that after the smoking process, we slice and pack the fish in a very hygienic and safe manner.