Burren Smokehouse Irish organic salmon

Our Salmon

The Burren Smokehouse stands for world class salmon from Grade A waters, with everything bought as locally as possible and carefully crafted by hand to make products that are unique and truly special. We pride ourselves on our sustainability credentials and offer an amazing customer experience to accompany our incredible products.

Superior salmon, sourced locally

All our salmon is 100% Irish and either sustainably fished from the wild or organically farmed in environments as close to raw nature as possible. The farms take incredible care to produce quality fish with firm flesh built up through swimming in strong currents, with the fish making up just 1% of the environment and 99% fresh seawater. They are also fed on a natural diet, allowing them to build up very high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Omega-3 and 6, so they make the ultimate nourishing and health-giving superfood.

A product of our surroundings

We can confidently claim that our salmon has a taste unlike any other. From the ovens that are purpose-built for us, to the natural salinity of the air and the humidity of the nearby river – where we are situated and how we choose to work creates a truly unique product.

Caring for our planet

We are big believers in minimising the impact of anything we do on the natural environment that gifts us our beautiful, delicious salmon. In practice, this means holding ourselves to high independent standards, such as the Origin Green certification, the Burren Code of Practice and aligning ourselves with the UN’s global goals.

Created and shared with care

We pour our heart and soul in to creating the most delicious, healthy fish you can imagine, but the effort doesn’t stop when the salmon leaves the smoking kiln. Our teams are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of customer care to each and every person, so you can be sure you’ll have an amazing experience from first sight to first bite.

What is Organic Salmon?

On several visits to organic salmon farms in Clare Island and in the south-west of Ireland, we have gathered a lot of information on how salmon is raised in an organic way. We want to share this information with you here.

Burren Smokehouse organic salmon farm
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