Important info on Ordering and Shipping

This is what you need to know to place your order on our website

When and how can you order?

You can place your order any time you want for a delivery in the future. During the checkout process, you can select a delivery date that suits you.

We use UPS for destinations outside Ireland, and DPD for within the island of Ireland*. Both UPS and DPD deliver door-to-door. The reason for sending it by courier is that postal services would not deliver within the required time.

* For deliveries to Northern Ireland, please select “Ireland” as the country of destination in order to avail of the lower freight rates for a delivery by DPD. In your billing address you should enter your actual country of residence.

We also need a valid post code / zip code and Eircode for destinations in the Republic of Ireland. We will not be able to process your order without one.

We will always need a physical address to be able to deliver to the recipient, as no courier service will deliver to PO Boxes or post offices.

Best Days for your Delivery

A delivery within Ireland and Northern Ireland by DPD usually takes 24 hours. So do deliveries by UPS for most European destinations. Please allow 48 hours for deliveries to non-European destinations.

Please schedule a delivery on a Thursday instead of on a Friday in case there is a delay in delivery.

We can never deliver on Mondays (or Mon & Tue for destinations that have a 48 hours delivery period, like for ex. USA), Saturdays nor on Sundays. Also no deliveries on bank holidays in the destination area.

We dispatch on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. There is no dispatch on Irish Public Holidays.

Please make sure that your requested delivery date is not a bank holiday, or that there is no bank holiday in your area/country between the dispatch and the delivery date as not to delay the delivery of your consignment. We will not be held responsible if your consignment arrives late due to local holidays.

When you order a hamper today for delivery tomorrow (or in two days’ time in case of overseas destinations), we may have to dispatch it the following day. It will not always be possible to dispatch hampers the same day.

All our smoked fish products easily keep for two to three days without being chilled, which is usually the maximum time your order needs to get to its destination. The reason for this is the way the fish has been salted, smoked and vacuum-packed which preserves it very well. So even if the pack is warm on arrival, there is no reason to be worried. Just refrigerate it on arrival, and you will be able to enjoy it in all its culinary beauty!

For deliveries to non-EU countries (Japan, Norway etc.):
Please allow a few more days for the processing and dispatch of the orders. Due to a change of the regulations regarding the export of smoked fish, we have to apply for certificates for every single order to go out, and issuing it can take up to 4 days.

Limitations regarding destinations

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to Australia or New Zealand due to import restrictions. But we do ship to the United States and Canada!


UPS tracking numbers will be sent to you automatically provided we have your valid email address. If you don’t receive an automated email from UPS by the afternoon of the day of scheduled dispatch, please check your spam/junk email folder.

For deliveries within the island of Ireland, DPD will send a text message to the recipient if you provide a mobile number.

Sending surprise gifts…

Lovely idea but they can lead to disappointment if the recipient – unaware of the delivery – is not at home, and the parcel cannot be delivered. Remember, our smoked fish products only keep for a few days without being refrigerated. When sending a surprise gift, please make sure you send it to an address where there is always somebody present (work place, nearby shop, always-at-home-neighbour), or that somebody close to the recipient knows about the surprise gift coming.

When and how can you order?

You can place your order any time you want for a date in the future which you can select in the checkout process.

It is best to order on our secure website. It saves time, and errors can be avoided which might occur when taking orders over the phone or by email. During the checkout process on the website, all the information will be entered so there won’t be any need for us to contact you to ask for additional details.

Please make sure that you enter all the postcodes, zip codes and Eircodes (for Irish addresses – see Eircode finder website) correctly and in full. Also, we need the phone number of the recipient. We cannot process orders without those codes and details.

How to order online

It is easy to place an order on our secure website. First, select the products you want to buy. Then click on the shopping basket symbol on the top right-hand corner of the page and fill in all the details in the checkout process.

If the payment information you enter does not get accepted, it is most likely one of two issues. One could be a simple typo in the numbers. The other one might be a missing 3D Secure Password that your bank or credit card company will issue on request.

Wild Salmon

Also, for the Wild Smoked Salmon, there is only a limited quantity available. It will sell very fast, so you better get your order in right now!

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FAQ – Your questions and all the Answers

Click here to access all the information that you were wondering about! We have assembled a lot of questions and given the answers.

One important question of course is “How long does the salmon keep once it’s delivered?” The answer is 25 days, pack unopened, in the fridge.

Freight costs

Calculating the shipment costs is fairly easy once you know that they are determined by two things: the destination country and the weight. The website will calculate it for you at the checkout.

Here is a downloadable list of our freight rates:
Freight rates Burren Smokehouse