Visit The Burren Smokehouse

Stroll past the beautiful leaping mosaic salmon sculpture and duck through the quaint stone arch into the atmospheric visitor centre. Smell the faint yet distinctive traces of oak smoke in the air and prepare to uncover a jewel in the crown of the local ecotourism scene in the Burren.

Behind The Scenes At The Smokehouse

Explore how we make our internationally renowned smoked fish, including a close up look at a kiln and smokebox. From details on the provenance of each ingredient, to the patented methods used to produce our food and the story behind the smokehouse, you’ll soon have all the inside information on what makes The Burren Smokehouse so unique.

Salmon of Knowledge Burren Smokehouse visitor centre

A Fish Of Myth & Legend

As well as a wealth of historical information on the smokehouse and the local areas, the visitor centre also tells the story of The Salmon Of Knowledge. Discover how this mythical creature came to be and understand its magical powers. Reveal its place in the story of one of the greatest warrior princes the island of Ireland ever gave rise to.

Salmon of Knowledge Burren Smokehouse visitor centre
Taste The Atlantic - Salmon Experience

Explore our immersive, interactive journey through the wild and wondrous waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Dive deep into an exciting educational journey, where you can follow our salmon at your own pace through Irish myths and history, into the present day. Finish off with a tasting of our delicious salmon products and leave with incredible memories that you’ll never forget.

Taste the Atlantic Salmon Experience at Burren Smokehouse

Gourmet Delights To Your Door

If you find your mouth watering after your tasting, you’ll have a wealth of options to take a taste of the Burren away with you. All of our gorgeous smoked fish is available to order, delivered straight to your door and our shop plays host to a wide range of delectable artisan food products from the local area.

Burren Smokehouse smoked organic salmon
Burren Smokehouse smoked Irish Organic Salmon with Seaweed

Get it delivered!

Can’t wait for your visit? We can get any of our delicious, handcrafted smoked salmon to you almost anywhere on earth in just 48 hours, 24 hours if you’re nearer.