Burren HOT smoked Irish Organic Salmon

Explore our different kinds of Hot Smoked Salmon - discover the plain variety for the natural taste of smoked salmon. Our marinades feature spices, or different honey & lemon glazings.

This organic salmon exclusively sourced in Ireland is one of the healthiest product you could eat. The Organic Salmon comes from the turbulent waters of the west coast of Ireland. The salmon has to swim about the same distance as his wild counterpart so there is very little fat on it.

This organic salmon is one of the healthiest product you could eat: it has a very low salt content due to the low fat content, and a very high content in Omega-3 fatty acids (2.49g per 100g of salmon)!

We use two methods of smoking salmon – Cold Smoking and Hot smoking.

Hot Smoked Salmon shown below is absolutely delicious with a drier, flakier texture more similar to grilled salmon. During the hot smoking process temperatures rise as high as 80°C. It is the Scandinavian way of smoking salmon.

The Cold Smoking is the traditional Irish way of smoking salmon. The temperature never rises above 35°C during the smoking, which means that the flesh never coagulate. We get an easily sliced product with a very smooth texture.

We are delighted to announce that

- our Burren Organic Irish Cold Smoked Honey-Infused Salmon
our Burren Organic Irish Cold Smoked Salmon with Seaweed
- our Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon with Honey, Lemon & Dill

won a 3 gold star medal each at the prestigious Great Taste Awards 2013 in London!

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