Food Gifting – much more than just Smoked Irish Organic Salmon!

Burren Smokehouse gift hampers gift basket

Gifting or finding a present for somebody else can be very challenging, as dads know from experience when they get yet another tie or pair of socks on Father’s Day. It’s difficult to find something that is unique, doesn’t sit forgotten in the garage or on a mantelpiece gathering dust and pleases the recipient, be it male or female.

There are a lot of gifting companies out there, but not many cater for the discerning taste of foodies! Food gifting is something that will set you, as the person who is making the gift, apart. With the extremely high quality of small batch production in Ireland, we can create the most exciting Irish food hampers!

Gift baskets, or as we call them here, gift hampers are a refreshing present to receive. Imagine the joy of unpacking all the delicacies like Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon, tasty crackers, cheeses, chocolates and so much more! And what’s more – when you gift something that is edible or that uses itself up like soap or a candle, it’s not sitting somewhere gathering dust.

You can reuse the same gift idea – different gift box – again next time. It never gets old!

We have a range of food hampers available online, but feel free to create your own hamper and add anything in with that particular person in mind.

Another cool gift idea: Gift vouchers! You can buy them last minute and send them on by email from our website. The recipients can use them whenever it suits them, and spend the value on the products they fancy most.

We take the heavy lifting out of making a gift. You simply tell us what you would like to send to whom and when, and we do the rest. No running around trying to find the right things, no packing of the box and bringing it to the post office!

Gifting made easy.