Taste the Burren – Smoked Salmon, Craft Beer & Whiskey

When you come to the Burren, there is a delectable range of activities you can choose from. One of them is to explore the foods and drinks which are being produced right here!

Did you know that the Burren is not just a place for botanists, archaeologists, hill walkers and cavers? It is also home to a great variety of food and drinks.

Thanks to the Burren Food Trail, you can experience all the different flavours of the Burren, or dip in and out and select your favourite places.

This short teaser video gives you a taste for the Burren - smoked salmon from the Burren Smokehouse, craft beers from the Burren Brewery and whiskey from the Burren Whiskey Distillery!

You can book your experiences for the first two here, and the whiskey tasting here.

Burren Food Trail Burren Smokehouse