Environmental Policy Statement

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Burren Smokehouse has recently joined the Burren Ecotourism Network.
We have in our visitor centre an information point set up by Burren Connect giving online access to facts about environmental awareness, conservation, education, research and traffic management for the Burren.


Preceding the membership of BEN, we had already created our own environmental management statement:

We are committed to conserve Energy, reduce Waste generated and Recycle as much as possible of the raw materials that we utilise in the Burren Smokehouse. We are also committed to sustainable tourism and sustainable production and sourcing of food.

Burren Smokehouse got an Energy Audit done in 2007 and follow the recommendations from that report. We have changed our
electricity supplier to a company that uses renewable sources to create energy. The oak shavings we use for smoking our salmon are a side product of a wood craft company in Clare.

We are committed to care for the environment and to leave as little trace as possible.

We continually look at new, innovative ideas in our processes to reduce water and energy use.

All our fish that we smoke are 100% Irish, sourced from Clare Island in Co Mayo, Co Donegal and Co Waterford. Our salmon all have an ECO-label and ISO 14001, and a portion of the Salmon are organically certified. We are certified with IOFGA (the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association) to produce Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon.

We are committed to source locally and/or organically produced raw materials and food to keep the food milage as low as possible. This helps to support and grow our local community and local economy.
The majority of our gourmet foods like cheeses, chocolate, chutneys, jam, even some wines we source are produced in Co Clare and also from all over Ireland. Our priority lies in sourcing as locally as possible.

Birgitta & Peter Curtin are Slow Food Members and believe in as well as support that movement.

We employ staff who live locally. They support the local economy and its services.


Burren Ecotourism Network

So, as we mentioned above, we are part of the Burren EcoTourism Network.
You can read up on our BEN philosophy and statement here, or go to theĀ  Burren Ecotourism Network website directly.

Click here to download the Burren Ecotourism Brochure.