What is the difference between Cold & Hot Smoked Salmon?

The terms Cold and Hot Smoking refers to the temperature at which salmon (or other kinds of fish) are smoked.

The traditional Irish and central European way of smoking salmon is cold smoked. The texture and taste of the salmon is the one that you would automatically associate with smoked salmon: dark pink, soft, juicy.

The salmon is smoked in the kiln for about 13 hours at roughly 30° Celsius. The exact times and temperatures depend on the size of the fillets.

It comes in different varieties: the classic plain one, and as a unique blend of Honey, Whiskey & Fennel, and with sprinkles of seaweed on top. This unique variety won several Gold Medals at the Great Taste Awards already.

The Scandinavian way of smoking salmon is hot smoked. The salmon fillets are smoked for half the time at double the temperature. Some people also call it barbecued salmon because of the texture. It is flakier and has a lighter colour than the cold smoked salmon. Especially people who don’t like cold smoked salmon that much love our hot smoked salmon.

It comes in different varieties:

Plain: Just the pure salmon taste, nothing added.

Spiced: A colourful and tasty spice mix created by us featuring paprika, mustard seeds, onion, black pepper and herbs gives the hot smoked salmon the extra edge.

Honey, Lemon and Dill: In 2007, we invented the Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon with Honey, Lemon & Dill. Over the years, it won numerous gold medals at the Great Taste Awards.

Honey, Lemon and Pepper: Invented at the same time, it also won a Great Taste Award! The lemon makes the salmon very juicy.