Burren Smoked Irish Salmon

All our fish is 100 % Irish, so this Burren Smoked Irish Salmon (known formerly as "Salmon of Knowledge") as well. It is farmed in the most pristine waters you could find off the west coast of Ireland where there is no pollution. The salmon is being reared for about 2.5 years.

Salmon is high in Omega-3 (polyunsaturated) fatty acids which is a vital key factor for a healthy and balanced nutrition. Apart from the health aspect, smoked salmon is also a very versatile food (ingredient): It can be eaten on a tasty slice of bread, in salads, or heated up in pasta etc. (see our Recipes).

It is available in three different kinds: the traditional cold smoked salmon, and then as a hot smoked plain or spiced variety, the Scandinavian way of smoking salmon.

The whole smoking process - from filleting the sides to packing them - is manual work. We are hand-preparing the salmon every step of the way in our small, family-owned smokery.