Origin Green

Origin Green Bord BíaBord Bía, the Irish food marketing board, has initiated a sustainability programme which is the only one in the world. It is called Origin Green, and the Burren Smokehouse has now been certified and is a verified member of this scheme.

The verification process is run by an independent organisation, and it helps the companies to set and achieve sustainability targets. This will be reducing the environmental impact and help to protect the extraordinarily rich natural resources in Ireland.

Origin Green certificate for Burren SmokehouseMore and more producers, farmers and growers are coming on board of the Origin Green programme, covering every topographic feature from seabed to soil. The scheme encourages them to develop more stringent ways of working.

There are three key areas that will be covered in the verification process:

  • Raw material sourcing
  • Manufacturing process
  • Social sustainability

In cooperation with potential members, a comprehensive and challenging five-year plan committing to sustainability improvements are developed which are relevant to the individual business. Once the process is successfully completed, these plans are monitored on an annual basis.