Seaweed - Treasures of the Sea I

229Seaweed-150x150... and for once we are not talking fish but seaweed! The next time you walk on the shore and look at the stranded seaweed, you will most likely think "Wow" and not: "Oh this boring stuff again..." after reading what we have to say about it. We already have a lot of information about the health benefits of seaweed on our website, and we keep adding more after talking to our seaweed product suppliers, Algaran and Quality Sea Veg, in Donegal. There is so much to learn, it is hard to find a good start. But maybe John B. Keane’s quote who was a great believer in seaweed will do: “God created seaweed… The seaweed made the world.” It might sound a bit strange, but in the big scope of things he was not too far off the mark.

As we all know, life began in the seas. Sea water is very mineral-rich, and therefore algae absorb plenty of mineral elements, vitamins and trace elements. The mineral content of some seaweeds account for up to 80% of their dry matter. But it gets better: some brown seaweed like Ascophyllum nodosum (also called Knotted Wrack) or Fucus vesiculosus (commonly called Bladder Wrack) contain all the minerals there are on the planet!

In this newsletter, we want to share with you what we learnt from Algaran about their daily work. Rosaria Piseri, one co-owner of the company, came from Italy to Ireland in 1996, and she brought with her a unique extraction technology: to make cosmetics, the cells of the seaweed get broken by -25°C temperature followed by soundwave extraction to get the goodness out of them. Some, however, will stay inside the solid part of the seaweed. These will be extracted with the help of oil, so nothing will be wasted.

We will have a second info feature about seaweed in our next newsletter featuring more interesting facts. In the meantime, read more on our website - there is too much to mention in this restricted space!