Food Tourism and Eco-Tourism

0017 croppedThis week will see the official launch of the Burren Eco-Tourism Network (BEN). The network links very different businesses in their efforts to offer the gentle approach to tourism. The Burren Smokehouse is part of this network, and also innovative ideas like the Clare Farm Heritage Tours Co-Op which offers tours through working farms in the area, and Heart of Burren Walks for guided tours through our spectacular Burren area. Other suppliers are high-quality accommodation, the Cliffs of Moher and many more.

Another kind of tourism which we have worked on for as long as we have had the visitor centre (since 1995), is of course food tourism. People who come into our visitor centre with the intention to just buy smoked salmon, usually end up sitting down to watch the video about how we smoke our salmon, and then taste it (free of charge, of course). We are there to answer specific questions for those who are interested, and receive groups to give presentations about our business.

We are striving to make a visit to our smokehouse an experience. Hopefully, those who had a chance to visit us will have a better understanding of the nutritious product we are handcrafting here in Lisdoonvarna. But besides our visitor centre, our website brings an Irish Food Shop and heaps of information to a much wider audience located anywhere in the world. Have a look around, you'll be surprised how much information and recipes you will find there!

And speaking of food tourism, Birgitta will be a foodie tourist herself at the end of March. She will be going on an inspiration tour in the area of San Sebastian (Spain) and Biarritz (France) on the Bay of Biscay. This tour is organised by Bord Bía and will bring the participants in contact with the markets and potential buyers.