"Whopper salmon contract landed with Harrods...

... of London by Clare company Burren Smokehouse" is the header in the Irish Times article which was published on 2 June 2014.

This header refers to a 12 months contract between the Burren Smokehouse and Londons' prestigious department store which foresees the delivery of wild salmon. It is being caught by fishermen in the rivers of Ireland's southeast and smoked by us. It has proven very popular with customers like Harrods but also further afield in countries like France, Germany and Italy.

As Birgitta Hedin-Curtin, the owner-manager of the Burren Smokehouse said last Saturday on the RTE1 six o'clock main evening news, our wild salmon will be available in the prestigious Harrod's department store. It will be located "... right beside the caviar and the truffles, a really lovely place to be in!" as Birgitta pointed out during the brief interview.

Birgitta was interviewed during Bloom in the Park in Dublin, Ireland's biggest garden festival with well over 100,000 visitors. She and her daughter Róisín had their hands full giving out tastings to the curious foodie crowds, and selling our products there at the stand.

It is also the first of this year's wild Irish salmon which is late considering that the wild salmon season officially started in the middle of May. Due to high waters running in the rivers, fishing proved impossible for about two weeks after the start date.