Burren Smokehouse in "Wild Ireland"

12ITV-Christine-Bleakley-Sept-2014-toned-down-300x225Last autumn, Donegal-native and well-known ITV presenter Christine Bleakley came to the Burren Smokehouse and learnt from Birgitta, how to smoke Irish Organic Salmon. She even helped us salt the salmon fillets!

In all the episodes of the "Wild Ireland" programme, Christine will drive, climb, walk and swim her way along the longest continuous coastal route in the world, the 1,500 mile long Wild Atlantic Way.

On 13 April, the first instalment of the programme was aired on ITV and UTV Ireland. It is a lovely way of discovering the west coast of Ireland without having to get up from the couch. We hope, of course, that people will be inspired to explore the route themselves!

As a P.S. to this blog post, we want to add this very endearing piece of information which we received by email on 9th May 2015 from the producers of "Wild Ireland", Big Mountain Productions:

"Thought you would like this since you're already in with Her Majesty the Queen but we got an email this morning from ITV saying His Royal Highness Prince Charles had heard about Wild Ireland from a friend and he wanted to see the programmes ahead of his trip to Ireland!!! So he and Camilla will be watching this weekend apparently!"

Watch a snippet of the video that shows the Burren Smokehouse: