Help to go global

We are living in one of the most amazing areas in the world, and we might think it is the centre of the universe, but admittedly, it is fairly far away from the more populated areas of the rest of the world.

In our area, the north of County Clare, there are a lot of small food and other businesses who manufacture products which are sought after internationally. But how to get it from the west of Ireland to customers in the US or Europe?

Last Tuesday (23 Feb 2016), UPS and the Burren Smokehouse co-hosted an information morning for Small & Medium Businesses (SME) in our visitor centre to close the gap between these businesses and their potential international customers.

The aim of the talks was to inform local businesses about how they can go global even if they are located on the western shore of an island on the edge of Europe.

The talks given by Andy Smith and Christopher Deans from UPS, and Birgitta Hedin Curtin from the Burren Smokehouse gave the participants pointers and a lot to think about, and will help them taking their business a step further.

The Clare Herald published an article about it with pictures taken by photographer Yvonne Vaughan.

Pictures: Yvonne Vaughan Photography