Michelin-starred Food at the Burren Storehouse

A scene from an evening of Demo's, Talks and Dinner with world class chef's Kevin Thornton, Jamie Simpson and Enda McEvoy in the Burren Storehouse in Lisdoonvarna on Friday night. Photograph by Yvonne Vaughan Photography. Photograph by Yvonne Vaughan Photography.

The season started off with a spectacular bang for our new venue, the Burren Storehouse.


Chefs from Ohio, Galway and Lisdoonvarna came together to create ("cook" would not do its artfulness justice!) an amazing and tastebud tickling feast for the senses.


Those who weren't foodies before were definitely converted that night. Every course offered a different taste experience, and it was amazing to taste all the different kinds of micro vegetables that Jamie Simpson and Justin Wolfe from the Culinary Vegetable Institute shipped over from the States. Together with Enda McEvoy from Loam, Galway, and Viv Kelly from Kierans Kitchen, Lisdoonvarna, they all cooked up a storm!


The evening was off to a good start with a Prosecco reception and canapés from members of the Burren Food Trail. From rice and seaweed cubes and smoked salmon sushi to aubergine fritters, these wonderful bites set the tone for the evening.


Oonagh O'Dwyer from Wild Kitchen brought Jerusalem Artichoke and wild garlic pakoras, Dillisk and kale crisps with toasted sesame seeds, pepper dulse and bittercress rice cubes
as well as channelled wrack, carrot, ginger, garlic and soy salad on leaves.


Deborah Evers from Clareville House Kitchen Garden did a veg sushi and garlic pesto. And
Eva Hegarty from Burren Free Range Pork laid out a display of paté and wild garlic pesto on ciabatta.


Another surprising highlight - the first of many - were cubes of panna cotta with yellow cucumber flowers and tiny slices of mini cucumbers stuck to their sides. They were beautifully presented on pieces of orange wood.


The menu consisted of many courses, each one offering a new insight in the world of culinary possibilities. The food was complimented by different wines which were sponsored by Wines Direct.


After the meal, Peter Curtin from the Roadside Tavern took to the stage and talked about the history of the place a small part of which was reflected in the place mats. Printed on both sides, they displayed a handwritten contract between apprentices and the bakery which was in the Roadside Tavern.


John McKenna, who was the MC for the night, sat down on the stage with Kevin Thornton from Thornton's in Dublin, and talked about a passion of his, music.


The menu was created and cooked by Jamie Simpson and Justin Wolfe from the Culinary Vegetable Institute, Ohio, Enda McEvoy from Michelin-star restaurant Loam in Galway, as well as Viv Kelly from Kieran's Kitchen.



Preserved white asparagus. Cultured double cream. Smoked trout roe. Petite dill.
Citrus curd with cucumber bloom. Salt.
Petite radish with bread, butter and whipped lard.
Slow cooked egg yolk.
Sprouted seeds. Chicken dashi. seed crackers.
"Every beginning in life starts here. This feels like an appropriate way to start the meal as well. "
Seeds: Basil, Sunflower, Amaranth, Benne, Flax, Poppy, Mustard, Hemp.
Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon and Fennel Parts.
Fennel emulsion. fennel oil. Fennel meringue. Fennel seed. Pickled fennel stem. Charred fennel bulb.
"The incredible diversity of a plant, a single plant, allows for a range of beautiful textures and opportunities. This is the Chefs Garden Philosophy. "
Beef and Parsnips.
Crispy parsnip skin. Caramelized parsnip puree. Common weeds. Hard cheese.
Carrots, Seaweed and Sorrels.
Wild carrot. Chefs garden petite carrot. Fermented carrot juice. Sea water. juniper. Dillisk. Sorrel
"This is an example of Ireland and Chefs Garden integration. How does one work off the land and integrate produce from a farm."
Glazed Lamb tongue with turnip, allium and mustard.
Beeswax ice cream. Marigold. Burnt honey. Walnut cake. Honeycomb candy. Pressure cooked yeast.


Many thanks to every person involved in making this event a great success, especially Jamie Simpson and Justin Wolfe from the Culinary Vegetable Institute, Ohio; Enda McEvoy from Loam, Galway; Kevin Thornton from Thorntons Restaurant, Dublin and Viv Kelly from Kierans kitchen, Lisdoonvarna, as well as Jacinta Dalton the GMIT students who did a great job at serving the many courses and keeping the wine flowing! A special Thank You goes to Jody Eddy, who put everybody in contact and convinced the chefs that it would be an amazing chance to display their skills!


Have a look at the fantastic pictures, mostly from Yvonne Vaughan Photography and Jenny Martin Photography; they reflect the merry mood of the evening very well.