Among the Top 100 Best Seafood Blogs and Websites

Feedspot Best Seafood Blog Top 100 Feedspot awards Burren SmokehouseWe were very surprised to learn that our website and blog are among the Top 100 of such digital publications on the internet! The choice was made by Feedspot.

The Best Seafood blogs were being chosen among thousands of top Seafood blogs by means of an index using search and social metrics.

These blogs are selected based on criteria like the ranking and reputation on Google, their influence and popularity on Facebook and other social media sites, on the quality and consistency of blog posts, and of course on Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.

It is nice to be recognised as websites and blogs need a lot of time to be updated and maintained, especially the blog part!

Have a look at the choice of website and see if there are any that would be interesting for you - you can find it here.