Four Tips For A Successful Salmon and Whiskey Tasting Event

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Salmon and whiskey are two of the most important export products of Ireland. The demand for salmon especially organic salmon is projected to outstrip its supply in 2018 whilst Irish whiskey is the 'world’s fastest growing spirit category' with a global growth rate of 11.6% (Inshore Ireland and ABFI). Hosting a salmon and whiskey tasting event is a superb strategy of promoting the fine features of each product whilst demonstrating how the two could blend well together. Here is how to set up a food and whiskey tasting event that will be successful and entice people to come back in the future.

Prepare a Work Plan

The key to an event’s success is a carefully laid out plan. This should also include your budget for the venue, food, drinks, tasting note cards, décor and other sundries. Promotional marketing for the event can be sent by email whilst posters & flyers advertising the event can be posted in high traffic areas such as metro stations, supermarkets, malls or theaters.

In addition to physical ticket outlets, you can use a ticketing system online to boost attendance.

Choose a venue

Depending on the number of tickets you are expected to sell, the venue must be large enough to accommodate guests, events staff, furniture and supplies (food, drinks, and décor). Consider the prevailing weather conditions at the time of your planned event. If planning an outdoor gathering, think of emergency shelters in case it rains or there is too much wind. The venue should also have adequate parking spaces for visitors. You can provide valet service as part of your offerings.

Define your food and drinks

As this is a salmon and whiskey tasting event, it is important to focus on the highest quality of food and drinks that you are going to serve. Salmon is a very versatile party food, there are lots of creative ways that you can serve them. It pairs well with whiskey, too so you should have no problems looking for the right bottles to serve. Organic salmon can be served in different ways - as a salmon sushi salad, pate, smoked hors-d'oeuvres, croquettes, tartare or dips. Irish whiskey can be limited to one brand or a selection of several bottles that will go well with the food. You might want to include water for the tasting and to keep your guests hydrated in general. Include proper whiskey glasses and a small teaspoon.

Hire a whiskey and food pairing expert

On top of employing personnel to set up the venue, welcome and serve guests, you should have a person who is an expert on whiskeys to guide people. Discussing notes and flavours as well as food pairings are to be expected during the event. The science of tasting whiskey is an important part of this event so be sure to have an expert present. Ideally, your whiskey master should also be knowledgeable about food pairings.

Setting up a salmon and whiskey tasting event is not a complicated affair. Planning, budgeting and executing activities based on a plan are critical aspects of an event. Keep in mind to document the occasion so that you can discuss strengths and shortcomings to improve performance for the next event.