A job well done - our stylish visitor centre

Burren Smokehouse Visitor Centre Lots of information on our history and the smoking process

Burren Smokehouse visitor centre

Burren Smokehouse visitor centre Some of the materials we use
Tasting room Burren Smokehouse The tasting station
Burren Smokehouse visitor centre New lettering over the entrance

It took a long time, and it was a lengthy journey that we started in earnest at the end of January (2019 - we better mention the year!). But in fairness, it started much earlier with the planning phase. Now it is finally - more or less - finished.

What did we change? An easier question to ask would be, what stayed the same? Not much apart from the four walls, the amazing walnut wood floor (brought back to live) and the equally wonderful sugan chairs created by local man Gabriel Casey.

We totally revamped everything as you can see from the pictures. It is a veritable Tasting Room now, where we also provide information about the history of the Burren Smokehouse and our smoking process.  On the newly installed shelves, we have lots of storyboards, and you can watch a video about the smoking process as well, of course.

The inside walls are all painted in a very stylish dark blue which lets the the mosaics pop out. On the outside of the building, the rose gold lettering is new and represents our company font.

Next to the smoke box and the kiln, we also have a sensory station where visitors can smell and feel the main ingredients that we use to smoke our salmon: oak shavings, turf and sea salt.

Everybody coming into our Tasting Room can not only learn about the smoking process and our history, but of course also taste the Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon - and many more delicious Irish foods that we stock.