Neighbourfood - New kid in the hood

Neighbourfood market for Burren SmokehouseA brand new concept took hold in Ireland, and we joined the new way of delivering food to customers.

The workings of it couldn't be easier: You order on the Neighbourfood website, and then choose the market that is located most conveniently for you.

You select the products and quantities you will need for the week ahead, and pay by card.

In the two-hour window on the dedicated day of the week, you go to the collection point and get your products from all the different producers. They even deliver to vulnerable people!

There are a few feel-good benefits attached to this new way of shopping. You know that you will get the freshest products. They are all produced in Ireland or even in your area so the food mileage is low. And you are supporting a small (cottage industry or family) business in a market that is dominated by big players in the supermarket scene.

Another amazing side effect according to one customer (see video below): since she has been shopping on the NF website, she doesn't have any food waste anymore. Which means, more money in your pocket.

We have started delivering to the Limerick market (Milk Market) and the Attyflin Estate market outside Adare.

Watch the video below to know how it works. And then go to the Neighbourfood website and get clicking!