Burren Breakfast Basket - Triad complete!

Burren Breakfast Basket Burren Food Trail
After launching the first two Burren Baskets (medium and large), we realised that there was a great demand for Irish food and a desire to support small Irish businesses. In times of easy online ordering from certain big players, this was something we had not really expected.

We were taken by surprise by the amount of orders that came in for the first two Burren Baskets. Quite a number of customers who tentatively ordered one as a present, came back again and ordered more, encouraged by the positive reaction of the recipients.

It is not only the wish to order locally produced foods, but also the fact that even in times of lockdown and restricted travelling, people want to celebrate birthdays and mark special times like anniversaries, new arrivals into this world, milestones in friends' lives and much more. Or just make sure that the recipient of the present knows that they are not forgotten.

There was just one or two things missing with the first two Burren Baskets: we could not ship them to destinations that took longer than one day to deliver (like the US, Canada and Japan) due to the nature of the content. And the other one was that it was not suitable for pescetarians.

So we talked to the other members of the Burren Food Trail and quickly got the idea for a Burren Breakfast Hamper! It features lovely foods made in small batches in the Burren: a Brown Soda Bread mix from Stonecutters Kitchen, Granola from the four-star Gregans Castle Hotel, Rhubarb & Ginger Jam from Burren Fine Wine & Food, Gouda with Garlic & Nettle from the Aillwee Cave, and two varieties of our Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon.

Already this hamper is making a name for itself and gets shipped to foodies overseas who appreciate a wonderful culinary reminder of the Burren. Let us take you there with this little video: