Burren Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Terrine

The Irish Chef Burren Smoked Salmon and asparagus terrine recipe
A delicious and surprisingly easy dish that you and your guests will love not only on warm summer days as a main course, but also as a starter in colder weather. The Irish Chef Justin Moorehouse makes a point of using only high quality Irish ingredients to make a sumptuous terrine that is as impressive looking as it is simple to make!

Have a look at the recipe video below - you will see that it really IS easy to make. Another good thing about this recipe is that you can make it a day in advance.


400g / 14oz Classic Burren Cold Smoked Irish Organic Salmon
150g / 5.5 oz fresh salmon, cooked in water
75g / 3 oz butter at room temperature
200g / 1 cup cream cheese, at room temperature
8 fresh asparagus spears
1 tblsp chives, finely chopped
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
2 tblsp fresh lemon juice
some lemon wedges to serve


Break off the wooden parts of the asparagus spears (they will break naturally at the right spot - see video below) and blanch them for 3 to 4 minutes in salted boiling water. Once done, transfer them immediately into a large flat bowl with ice water to keep the green colour.

Butter a rectangular 1-pound tin and then line it with two layers of cling film, leaving enough overhang to be able to cover the terrine lateron.

For the first layer of the terrine, put slices of salmon around the edges so that half is inside the tin, and the other half is hanging down on the outside. Also line the bottom with one or two slices to cover it all. This will later be the top.

Fill the rest of the smoked salmon, cooked salmon, butter, cream cheese, chives, pinch of salt, a fair amount of pepper and lemon juice into a food processor.

Fill half of the paté into the tin and spread evenly, then layer in the asparagus head to tail for a seamless fit, all across the tin. Fill the rest of the paté on top and spread it evenly again with the back of a spoon.

Lay a couple of smoked salmon slices in the centre of the tin, on top of the paté. Fold over the salmon slices and the cling film to make it airtight.

Chill it for at least 5 to 6 hours or ideally overnight. When you are ready to serve it, turn the tin over and tug the cling film gently to carefully remove the terrine from the tin. Peel off the cling film and serve the terrine on a board, with some lemon wedges and crackers.

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