"Making of" videos and tasty recipes

Bord Bia filming of Burren Smokehouse recipe videoLast week, we were able to watch live via a web video platform how two of our recipes were filmed. It was quite exciting because we saw exactly what the camera was filming, and at the same time the people behind the scenes.

Bord Bía organised the shoot in their professional way, with ingredients and props organised well in advance. It was a pleasure to work with the crew, and the videos are the result of a great team work.

We will post the videos on social media over the next while, and you will definitely find them in our recipe section on the website, where we publish a recipe every month. Inspiration for your dinner table!

Both recipes were approved of by the film and kitchen team when they had a chance to eat the fruit of their labour at lunchtime. Especially the oysters with the smoked salmon paté were a great hit, but also the very tasty boxtys with smoked salmon.