The Roadside Tavern goes live on St. Patrick's Day!

Roadside Tavern traditional Irish musicBreaking News!

St. Patrick's Day is usually a day of festivities, parades, and live music sessions in the pubs. This year, we'll be parading around the living room or the garden weather allowing...

But there is some really great news! The Roadside Tavern, together with the Burren Smokehouse, will stream a long live session from the Roadside Tavern on Facebook!

Starting at 5pm on the 17th March 2021, after Peter Curtin will have welcomed you and led you inside the Roadside Tavern, five sets of musicians will be playing. You will enjoy the local music legends of which we have plenty here in County Clare!

So far, we have got this exquisite line-up with Michael Hynes and Johnny Conlon, young and incredibly talented Liam Kelly and Oisín Marsh, Christy Barry and James Devitt, Blackie O'Connell and Cyril O'Donoghue with Sarah Clarke as well as Charles Monod and Adrian Lyons.

St. Patricks Day 2021 music at the Roadside Tavern This event is free to watch on Facebook, and here is the link to the event. RSVP now!

You will have the opportunity to donate to support the musicians. Each performer will receive an appearance fee from The Roadside Tavern, and the voluntary donations from the viewers made online which will be shared amongst the players.

Says Peter Curtin, "This is another St Patrick’s Day that won’t see the pub thronged with locals and tourists.  However, I am heartened that today’s technology means that I can do something to support struggling artists during this challenging time and that a worldwide audience can enjoy the ambiance of the Roadside Tavern from afar.”

So please join us for a music-filled St. Patrick's evening from 5pm on the Roadside Tavern Facebook page!