Beat the home office blues with virtual lunch meetings!

Virtual Lunch meeting at the Burren SmokehouseFor the last 12 months, more and more companies embraced letting their employees work from home to keep them safe and the operation going.

This has of course its upsides like a radically reduced commute (all of 15 seconds, give or take?), being in your own environment without distractions from colleagues, and being able to have breaks in your own kitchen instead of the canteen.

There are, however, also downsides. The kids need supervising, or they burst into a web meeting to the amusement of the other members on the video call. Distractions of a different kind...

Possibly the biggest drawback is the sense of isolation. Even with modern technology, it is that little bit more cumbersome to communicate with colleagues on private matters or gossip. As  the gregarious animals that we are we need human interaction even if we don't consider our colleagues friends. About a fifth of remote employees stated isolation as their #1 problem.

But - the absence of social interaction isn’t the primary contributor, it is that feeling of being “cut off” which 70% of all those working away from the office environment are experiencing!

So, how can employers counteract this isolation issue?

Many companies are encouraging their teams to have regular lunch breaks together - virtual ones of course. It is an informal, sociable way of catching up and exchanging a bit of private news and views. It is a great way to have dedicated time and space to socialise with the colleagues.

We have just the ticket for you! We put together a healthy, quick to prepare, cold lunch option that will keep up the morale of your team.

Think Smoked Organic Salmon from the west coast of Ireland, a tub of fresh goats cheese, a jar of beetroot chutney that goes well with both, and a delicious gouda with garlic and nettle. Rounded off by a brown soda bread mix that you bake off in the evening for your lunch meeting the next day (with your kids?).

We might not be able to help you with the kids interrupting web meetings but we just had an idea! Every now and again, you could have a virtual lunch break with your colleagues and everybody's children. How much fun would that be?

As a side note, nutritionists say that businesses need to remind staff to take a lunch hour, wherever they are working from. Another big benefit to a break is the intake of fresh air. And now that the summer is coming, we can combine all of that and have a healthy lunch, with the kids and the colleagues, al fresco on the balcony, in the open window or in the garden - weather permitting...

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