The Burren Slow Food Festival - catch up

Burren Slow Food FestivalAt the beginning of May, a series of Burren Slow Food Festival videos were aired on Facebook, and this is the first instalment of it. Beneath it is the one showing Peter Curtin and Noel O'Loughlen talking about craft beers and whiskey!

This year, the pandemic did not catch us out. In conjunction with the Burren Ecotourism Network, Slow Food Clare organised a series of seven videos which highlight  chefs and a food producers (or a distiller and a brewer in one case!) who talked about the foods used in a prepared dish, and the benefits of buying foods locally. 

Each session was hosted by a member of the Burren Ecotourism Network in their own venue throughout the Burren, like the four-star Gregans Castle Hotel in Ballyvaughan which you will see in the video.

Executive chef Robbie McCauley of Gregans Castle, and Birgitta Hedin-Curtin of the Burren Smokehouse, can be seen in this video. It becomes clear that relationships between local suppliers/producers and restaurants are very beneficial in more than just the obvious aspect.

Local musicians Michael Hynes and Oliver O'Connell will be playing a beautiful tune at the end of the clip!

You can watch two videos below, and all of them on the Slow Food Clare website.

Calor Ireland sponsored this year's festival, like so many festivals before.

Another episode showed Birgitta's husband Peter Curtin in a very interesting conversation with Noel O'Loughlen of the Burren Distillers: