A recipe that made history

Womans Way Ross Lewis Burren SmokehouseWe are delighted to see outstanding chef Ross Lewis from Chapter One Restaurant featured in Woman's Way with a recipe that made history.

Seeing the recipe brings back great memories!
This recipe was served as the starter at the historical State Dinner at Dublin Castle in May 2011 in honour of the first visit of a member of the British Crown in over a hundred years.
Queen Elizabeth II, her late husband Prince Philip, then-Prime Minister Cameron and Ireland's President at the time Mary McAleese as well as around 180 guests attended the State Dinner and feasted on the delicious food prepared.
The culinary wizards were Garrett Duff from With Taste, Dublin, and Ross Lewis with their teams. Ross was the hands-on executive chef, and Garrett the catering chef.
The wild smoked salmon used for the State Dinner starter was hand-delivered by Birgitta Hedin-Curtin. We had just been offered the first wild salmon in 5 years - there had been a ban on wild salmon fishing since 2006. Right afterwards, Ross Lewis called and asked for wild smoked salmon - great timing!
As soon as the salmon was smoked, Birgitta took it out of the kiln and immediately delivered it herself to the chefs in Dublin. Looking at the picture of the starter, one would never suspect a back story like, and also not the effort that went into creating the starter from catching the salmon to serving it!
Here is a link to this royal recipe on our website.