• 1st October 2021 Potato and Cheese Fritters with Burren Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs

    Another great recipe from Bord Bía, the marketing association for Irish food and drink. Serves 2 people and takes 30 minutes to make Ingredients: 250g potatoes ½ small onion 1 tblsp fresh parsley, chopped 35g feta cheese, crumbled 1½ tblsp plain flour 5 free range eggs 1 tblsp rapese... Read more
  • 1st September 2021 Caesar Salad with Soft Boiled Eggs and Smoked Salmon

    We owe this slightly adapted easy summer recipe to Bord Bía who have an amazing array of culinary inspiration on their website. It only takes 15 minutes and is an Irish take on the good old classic, the Caesar salad. One taste of this and you’ll be wondering why you never had smoked salmon and eg... Read more
  • 3rd August 2021 Smoked trout & grilled courgette with Kasundi tomato relish

    If you want an easy starter - or even a main dish - then this is something you can easily do. Prepare the kasundi well in advance and store it in the fridge, and you will have it handy when you need it. Serves 8 as a starter Ingredients: 8 smoked trout fillets (4 packs) 4 courgettes a ... Read more
  • 1st July 2021 Chilled Hot and Cold Smoked Salmon Terrine

    A cold terrine with smoked salmon is an ideal recipe for the warmer summer months. You can prepare it in advance, and serve it when you need it. We want to thank Bord Bía for this recipe, the marketing organisation for the promotion of Irish food and drink. Ingredients: 500g Burren Cold ... Read more
  • 6th May 2021 Burren Smoked Salmon on Toasted Baguette

    These appetizers don't just taste great but are very easy to assemble as canapes.  The salmon topping can be prepared earlier in the day and kept refrigerated until you are ready to assemble everything. Serve them immediately after toasting and assembling. Serves 8 - 10 people Ingredients: ... Read more
  • 1st April 2021 Burren Smoked Salmon Tagine with Couscous

    Bord Bía came up with this easy Smoked Salmon Tagine which is sure to be a family favourite. The spices, which are a classic combination, give a wonderful depth of flavour. Tagine is a Berber dish, named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. Serves 4 people Ingredients: ... Read more
  • 1st March 2021 Neven’s Smoked Salmon & Leek Tart with Lemon Cream Sauce

    When Neven Maguire visited the north of County Clare in summer of 2020, he took the time to get to know the Roadside Tavern, our new visitor experience "Taste the Atlantic - Salmon Experience" and of course the Burren Smokehouse as well as seeking out chefs in our area. We were featured in this p... Read more
  • 1st February 2021 Not-so traditional Eggs Benedict

    Janine Kennedy created this beautiful, delicious and luxurious lock-down recipe for an indulgent brunch at home! When she lived in Toronto, she developed a love for brunches, and in these times of lock-down, she missed them so much, she came up with this genius recipe. Try it for yourself! You... Read more
  • 18th January 2021 Brie & Smoked Salmon Canapes

    Add a bit of luxury to your special days like the upcoming Valentine's Day. Instead of going out, assemble a few ingredients, serve the canapés on a fancy platter and serve with a nice wine. Like this simple recipe that can be done by even the most inexperienced "chef". Ingredients: 4 s... Read more
  • 1st November 2020 Burren Smoked Mackerel and Goats Cheese Tartlets - mit Video

    This recipe takes a bit of planning if you want to go with the pickled gooseberries, but it is worth the effort! The Irish Chef Justin Moorehouse has developed another wonderful recipe with produce from the Burren Food Trail, and the result is a delicious recipe with honest ingredients from the w... Read more

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