• 28th February 2012 Rachel Gaffney's Burren Smoked Salmon Dip

    We owe this recipe to Irish-American chef Rachel Gaffney who made an easy-to-follow video for the recipe. Find both - a link to the video and the written recipe - hereunder. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon horseradish 250g / 8 oz Burren smoked salmon, sliced into pieces cream cheese 1 tablespo... Read more
  • 20th January 2012 ICA Fish Pie

    This recipe featured on Martin Shanahan's programme "Martin's still mad about fish" which was aired on Irish television in spring and early summer 2011. We want to thank him for providing all these lovely recipes and for promoting the use of fish in the Irish cuisine. For 6 - 8 people as a mai... Read more
  • 1st November 2011 Smoked Salmon Winter Soup

    This winter soup is a perfect starter for your Thanksgiving meal for your family and friends. We use Hot Smoked Salmon for it as the recipe tastes good with smoked salmon pieces. Serves 8 (halve the quantities for less people) Ingredients: 30g or 1 oz unsalted butter or oil 2 chopped leeks... Read more
  • 3rd October 2011 Hot Smoked Salmon and Potato Gratin

    This recipe is very simple to put together. It uses hot smoked salmon, potatoes, cream and garlic to create a healthy, satisfying one pot meal that would be anybody's idea of comfort food for cold autumn and winter dinners. Serves 4 -6 people   Ingredients: 2lb or 1kg slightly floury... Read more
  • 30th August 2011 Martin Shanahan's Fishy Fishy Salmon wrap

    We owe this recipe to Martin Shanahan, owner of the Fishy Fishy restaurant in Kinsale, County Cork. It was broadcast in the programme "Martin's still mad about fish" earlier this summer, and will give you a nice light recipe that can be used as a starter, main course or for a buffet. For one p... Read more
  • 29th July 2011 Nicoise Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon

    We owe this summery salad recipe to Café Rua in Castlebar, County Mayo. They stock our Burren Hot Smoked Salmon and found great use for it. We changed the salmon to our unique varieties with a glazing of honey, lemon & dill and honey, lemon & pepper. Ingredients: 1 pack of Burren Ho... Read more
  • 30th June 2011 Martin Shanahan's Smoked Salmon with fried egg and home fries

    We owe this recipe to Martin Shanahan's TV programme aired in May 2011 called "Martin's still mad about fish". It is easy to prepare and a great alternative to the usual "Full Irish Breakfast". - for one person - Ingredients: 1 potato 2 slices Burren Smoked Irish Salmon 1 tablespoon Ho... Read more
  • 15th June 2011 Bundles of Asparagus and Smoked Salmon

    Very easy and fast seasonal recipe (ca. 30 min) which will be great for buffets, brunches and picnics as it can be prepared in advance and is served cold. Ingredients: 1 bunch / about 20 spears (green) asparagus 2 tblsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tblsp chopped fresh rosemary leaves sal... Read more
  • 11th May 2011 Smoked Salmon Sushis

    - for 4 portions - This recipe splits into two different kinds of presentations to keep it more interesting. Nicely suited for a brunch or buffet-style lunch/dinner for friends and family as they are served cold. Ingredients: 200g / 7oz sushi rice 1 kombu leaf (dried seaweed, serves as ... Read more
  • 13th April 2011 Spinach Cakelets

    - for 4 savoury spinach cakelets or 1 big one - This recipe is originally from Germany, we ireland-ized it with our salmon on the side! Ingredients: 300g / 10oz spinach leaves (frozen) 75g / 2.5oz  flour + flour for the moulds and work surface 50g / 2 oz ground almonds 1 tsp sugar sa... Read more

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