How to Buy

So how will you go about placing an order on this website? It is quite simple.
If you are a new or an existing website customer, the procedure is fairly much the same.

If you have placed orders over the website with us before, and you know your login details,
you can log into your account at any stage. There are two ways of doing that: You either click on the "Login" button on top of the page, or you click on "My Account" on the upper right hand part of the page and select "Account Information".

If you are a NEW customer,
you can either register from the start by clicking on the "Register" button on top of the page, or you can select the products and type in your details during the checkout process. Then, there is a little box under the Billing Address section, which lets you create an account on our website.

This is how it works - step by step:

First of all, select the product(s) you want by going into the product category  (links on top of the page, for ex. "Burren Smoked Irish  Salmon", "Fish Platter" etc) and by clicking on ADD TO BASKET next to the products. When you are ready to submit your order, click on the button with the trolley (shopping cart) "... items €..." on the very top of the page. Click on the blue "CHECKOUT" button.

On the next page opening up, you can adjust the quantities and remove items completely. If you increase the quantity of items, please click on the pink link "update" next to the quantity box to validate.

At this stage, you can insert a coupon code - this is necessary to take advantage of our newsletter offers for example. Once you put in the correct coupon code, the discount will automatically be applied.

Click on the blue "CHECKOUT" button to proceed with your order details. On the next page, you...

... enter your own address (under 1. Billing Address)

... can create an account for later use (tick the box below the Billing Address section). This is useful as your contact and shipping address details will be stored on the website so that the next time you log into our website with the password we send to you, you will be able to checkout much faster.

... enter a shipping address if different from the billing address. To do so, please untick the box "Ship to the same address". This will also determine the freight costs.

... you can add a gift message for the recipient under 2 "Shipping Method". Tick the box "Add a gift message", and a box will open up in which you can type your message.

... select a delivery date. For more information on delivery times etc please go to Shipment.

... can pay as normal with your credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Once you click and of course read the Terms & Conditions, you can click on PLACE ORDER button to proceed with the payment by credit card.


For all our Customers with existing customer account:

Please notify us for any changes regarding your e-mail address! We can change it for you.

Changes in your own address and phone number can be changed while placing an order. Your newly entered details will automatically be saved. (If you are not placing an order, while a change of your address or phone details were necessary, please let us know and we can make the according changes for you.)


For all changes or if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via our website or via phone on 00353 65 7074432. You can also send a fax to 00353 65 7044303 or a letter.