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Share in our passion for carefully selected and responsibly sourced fish, bought locally and produced sustainably. We pour endless energy, passion and experience into our craft, producing delicately smoked fish of exceptional quality, a taste that is a true joy to savour.

Organic Irish Salmon

Chosen for its superior quality, we source some of our salmon fresh from organic farms on the Irish Atlantic coast where they spend a lifetime swimming in strong currents to produce the healthiest and most delicious fish, with firm, muscular, lean flesh.

Our beautiful salmon products allow you to explore a world of textures and flavours. We offer both hot smoked and cold smoked varieties, either left au naturel to let you enjoy the taste of the fish, or complemented with stunning additional flavour combinations for a new dimension to your enjoyment.

Burren Smokehouse hot and cold smoked salmon

Wild Irish Salmon

Some of our salmon are caught from the wild, with firm, muscular, lean flesh, the natural end to a lifetime of swimming. Many would hold that this is the ultimate food indulgence, a delicacy 24,000km in the making. Wild salmon are fished seasonally and sustainably, so they’ll be there to enjoy for many generations to come.

Wild Salmon can be fished by small outfits for a few weeks in summer. It is a rare delicacies with limited availability.

Salmon from Burren smokehouse
Rainbow Trout & Mackerel

Enjoy the delicate flavour of rainbow trout, brought shimmering and fresh from sustainable Irish farms.

Taste the sea in our wild mackerel, rich in unsaturated Omega 3, sourced from the beautiful Atlantic waters around Ireland.

Rainbow Trout Burren Smokehouse

Selections, Subscriptions & Hampers

If you’re looking for a way to explore the taste of the Burren to the full or perhaps to treat a friend, loved one or colleague to something special, our selections, subscriptions and hampers make decisions simpler, with a range of beautiful products carefully chosen for you to enjoy.

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