Good Food Ireland and the Burren Smokehouse

Good Food Ireland GFI and Burren SmokehouseThe Burren Smokehouse is a member of Good Food Ireland. What exactly does that mean?

Good Food Ireland’s Vision is to grow Ireland as a food tourism destination and provide a sustainable future for the hospitality sector, farmers, fishermen, and food producers.

Their philosophy is to prioritise the core indigenous ingredients of Irish cuisine and promote local and artisan food producers.

Good Food Ireland is an industry-driven food tourism organisation which was established in November 2006. Many good food operators in a cross-section of establishments all around the island from restaurants to accommodation, pubs to food shops to cookery schools want to be recognised and endorsed for their commitment to using Irish, local and artisan food produce.

They want to share experiences and be cooperatively marketed to domestic and international tourists. Agriculture and tourism, two vital economies for Ireland, have so much in common and are yet so far apart. Through Good Food Ireland, the industry from both these sectors share a common belief and come together as one. Good Food Ireland enables the visitors and domestic consumers to experience a true taste of Ireland.

What Birgitta Curtin, owner of the Burren Smokehouse, has to say about Good Food Ireland:

“Good Food Ireland promotes Irish food nationally and internationally. This will bring the excellent Irish food to the forefront providing opportunities to give to tourists a unique eating experience – a real taste of Ireland. The Burren Smokehouse is delighted to drive and support an organisation that encompasses all of my own beliefs in good, home produced artisan foods.”

Visit the GFI Website for suggested itineraries and tours, reviews of all members, events throughout the island, news, recipes, videos, gift vouchers, hampers and merchandise, consumer food club, advertising opportunities and partnership opportunities.