An Unconventional Pairing: The Best Ways to Enjoy Salmon and Coffee

When you think of coffee and salmon, it is likely that you think of them in two very different settings. However, enjoying coffee with salmon is possible (and delicious!). Although they may seem like an unlikely pairing, the flavours of coffee and salmon work well with each other. Whether blended together in a dish, or enjoyed alongside one another, your favourite beverage can make an excellent pairing with your favourite fish. Want to explore some of the best ways to pair salmon and coffee? Enjoy these three recommended combinations.


Coffee rubbed salmon

For those who enjoy the taste of coffee incorporated into their food, coffee rubbed salmon is the answer. While many versions of this pairing exist, it is important to start with the highest quality salmon and coffee. Creating a superior coffee rub will depend on your individual taste. Most recipes involve some kind of sweetener (usually brown sugar) for best results. Others use a bit of heat from spices like chili powder. Once you’ve used your homemade coffee rub on your salmon, your options continue to be open. You can serve the salmon as a main starter, use it in tacos, or as a pleasant lunchtime sandwich.


Cup of coffee and smoked salmon bagel

Starting your day with a bold cup of coffee and a smoked salmon bagel is both tasty and healthy. Not only are you getting the nutrients from the smoked salmon (including omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D), but you can also choose a high fibre bagel. Additionally, coffee is high in antioxidants, so you will receive added health benefits in this area as well. While many restaurants serve this combo, you can also easily make it at home. Don’t have a coffee maker available? You can make coffee without a real coffee maker by using everyday items found in the kitchen.


Cup of coffee and smoked salmon omelette

Have a little more time to prepare your breakfast? A classic cup of coffee and a smoked salmon omelette are another irresistible pairing. One of the best ways to make your omelette is to use goat cheese and dill for a light, herbal flavor. The strength of the coffee with the delicate taste of a traditional smoked salmon omelette creates exceptional balance in flavours. The next time you’re looking for a hearty breakfast option, don’t miss this wonderful coffee and salmon pairing.


Creating new and different pairings

Although it may have seemed unconventional at first, it is clear to see how salmon and coffee can make the perfect pairing. Whether you need a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner, salmon and coffee can be combined to create some pretty versatile dishes.

coffee and Irish smoked salmon pairings Burren Smokehouse
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