• 21st May 2021 The Burren Slow Food Festival - catch up

    At the beginning of May, a series of Burren Slow Food Festival videos were aired on Facebook, and this is the first instalment of it. Beneath it is the one showing Peter Curtin and Noel O'Loughlen talking about craft beers and whiskey! This year, the pandemic did not catch us out. In conjuncti... Read more
  • 14th September 2020 What makes Wild Irish Salmon so sought after?

    It is very hard to believe that in times gone by, wild salmon was the food of the poor people. Not only here in Ireland, but also in London for example, where the servants of rich households sighed when they had to eat wild salmon from the River Thames, again... Yes, in times gone by. Long gone b... Read more
  • 6th November 2018 Switching to green gas - BioLPG

    A few years ago, we decided to switch from oil to gas to heat the building and the water. This year, when we were asked by Calor if we wanted to take another step on our journey to become as environmentally friendly as possible, and we jumped at the opportunity. The normal gas called LPG is al... Read more
  • 5th October 2018 Recycling matters

    Polystyrene (also often called styrofoam) is one of the most common forms of plastic. You see it in take-out coffee cups and egg cartons, it is the packing material used to cushion goods for shipping and has many more uses. The unfortunate fact is that it is often easier and cheaper to produce... Read more
  • 6th August 2018 Waste easily avoided - Two super soups with Irish Salmon

    Last year, consumers spent £78.2 million pounds on fresh soup in the UK. Instead of buying ready-made, how about making your own beautiful fresh soup? Smoked salmon has a rich and complex flavour that will enhance any soup and broth - it will taste fresher than a shop bought alternative, as i... Read more
  • 2nd October 2017 What is Origin Green?

    What is Origin Green, and what does it mean for the consumer? Origin Green is a programme created by Bord Bía, the organisation responsible for the marketing of food products. It is a national food sustainability programme that brings together the entire Irish food industry - from farmers t... Read more
  • 24th July 2016 Origin Green - Certified Sustainability

    Bord Bía, the Irish food marketing board, has initiated a sustainability programme which is the only one in the world. It is called Origin Green, and the Burren Smokehouse has now been certified and is a verified member of this scheme. The verification process is run by an independent organisa... Read more
  • 3rd March 2014 Going for Greener pastures - Origin Green

    The financial bottom line is the most important line in any business. That is a known fact. But what about the environment? It is widely accepted (if not always acted upon) that it is important to treat it with respect and in a sustainable way. So how can we achieve a healthy profit and treat ... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Our Environmental Policy Statement

    Burren Smokehouse has recently joined the local Clare Ecotourism project. We have in our visitor centre an information point set up by Burren Connect giving online access to facts about environmental awareness, conservation, education, research and traffic management for the Burren. As a result... Read more

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